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CancerLinQ, Tempus, Precision HealthAI Partner on Oncology Data Delivery

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CancerLinQ, Tempus, Precision HealthAI Partner on Oncology Data Delivery

CancerLinQ LLC, a wholly-owned non-profit subsidiary of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), announced new partnerships with data services companies Tempus and Precision HealthAI in order to accelerate development and delivery of high-quality, de-identified clinical databases for use by CancerLinQ, its oncologist subscribers, partners, and the broader cancer community.

The agreement will also enable CancerLinQ to more quickly build and expand on its core data sharing and quality improvement platform for oncology practices, and facilitate Tempus’ and Precision HealthAI’s connection to industry to support faster and better development of new treatments for patients, according to a CancerLinQ press release.

Through the new agreement, Tempus and Precision HealthAI will curate data into high-quality datasets to be used to improve quality of cancer care and for research. These datasets will be made available through the core CancerLinQ quality improvement platform and CancerLinQ Discovery, a service that provides access to high-quality, de-identified datasets for non-profit organizations, health care providers, academic researchers, and government agencies.

Tempus and Precision HealthAI will bring these de-identified datasets to industry partners to produce practical applications such as targeted therapies, more efficient clinical trials, and data-driven analyses to help determine which therapies are producing the greatest patient benefit. Royalties from this license will help to support ASCO’s CancerLinQ initiative, according to the organization.

Under the new license arrangement, CancerLinQ will retain its non-profit status and remain responsible for data integration and providing a platform of meaningful tools and reports to participating oncologists and oncology care sites. Tempus and Precision HealthAI will be responsible for further structuring this dataset to put it to work for the benefit of patients.

“Our commitment to oncologists and the patients they serve is stronger than ever and this collaboration will allow us to deliver cutting-edge clinical tools and enhanced benefits to the cancer centers participating in CancerLinQ,” CancerLinQ LLC chief executive officer Kevin Fitzpatrick said in a statement. “As a result of the technical and financial contributions of Tempus and Precision HealthAI, CancerLinQ aims to accelerate the pace of new quality improvement services to its subscribers.”

CancerLinQ recently reached a key milestone with more than 100 oncology practices in 40 states and the District of Columbia now signed up to participate. They account for more than 2,000 medical oncologists and have contributed more than a million cancer patient records in the database.

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