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Sr. Software Engineer – ML, AI, Backend

Company Overview

Precision Health AI (PH.AI) is developing the leading artificial intelligence (AI) platform for oncology built on deep clinical oncology data to enable the practice of precision medicine for better cancer patient care and to accelerate cancer-related drug development, trials, and real world evidence for the benefit of patients, oncologists, and the cancer care ecosystem. To learn more, visit www.precisionhealth.ai

As a healthcare technology company, PH.AI’s AI platform is trained specifically for oncology, leverages proprietary and unique data sources, and integrates seamlessly into the existing workflows of healthcare manufacturers, providers, and payers, with the goal of improving oncology outcomes. With the aid of its industry-leading AI platform, PH.AI analyzes large sets of cancer patient data from a variety of settings including observational studies, clinical trials, and real world evidence such as genomic sequencing data, EMR/EHR, and claims, to identify which treatments work for which cancer patients, why, in what context, and at what cost, with the goal of developing tailored treatment regimens for each patient. PHAI is unlocking the promise of precision medicine, one cancer patient at a time.

Position Summary

In this senior engineering role, you will be responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining software that powers our data operations, production analytics (AI/ML/DS), and products. The focus of this role is on backend, ML, algorithms, and DevOps, but data science experience is very much desired, and API development is a plus as well. You will also collaborate with data scientists on prototypes and productization of ML workflows, with an emphasis on scalability, robustness, and real-time.


  • Develop and maintain production ML pipelines, largely in python / pyspark / tensorflow, but potentially other languages as well (Java, Scala).
  • Employ various design principles (patterns, UML) and programming paradigms (OOP, Functional).
  • Write documentation (inline & external) and test suites. Manage codebase: pull requests, and resolve merge conflicts.
  • Design algorithms and solve complex AI/ML/CS problems.
  • Apply ML/AI algorithms using high level libraries, but also modify and implement from scratch when necessary.
  • Evaluate current research and possible applications to our work, and assist data scientists in model development.
  • Collaborate with other data scientists, domain experts, and product specialists.
  • Build REST APIs.

Required Qualifications

  • MS or PhD in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, or related field with 3+ years of full-time work experience, or BS degree holder with 6+ years of full-time work experience.
  • Fluent in Python, and Java
  • Familiar with C/C++ and Javascript.
  • Knowledge of advanced CS techniques and ML/AI: neural networks, basic ML (SVM, K-Means, Bayesian classifiers, etc), ensemble models, NLP, stochastic optimization, and search.
  • Experience with ML + BigData environments.
  • Experience with parallel computing: concurrency, distributed computing (Spark/Kafka/SparkStreaming).
  • Experience with SDLC (version control, deployment, sprint).
  • Experience with RDBMSs and cloud data warehouses (BigQuery, RedShift).


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