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Technical Project Manager

Company Overview

Precision Health AI (PH.AI) is developing the leading artificial intelligence (AI) platform for oncology built on deep clinical oncology data to enable the practice of precision medicine for better cancer patient care and to accelerate cancer-related drug development, trials, and real world evidence for the benefit of patients, oncologists, and the cancer care ecosystem. To learn more, visit www.precisionhealth.ai

As a healthcare technology company, PH.AI’s AI platform is trained specifically for oncology, leverages proprietary and unique data sources, and integrates seamlessly into the existing workflows of healthcare manufacturers, providers, and payers, with the goal of improving oncology outcomes. With the aid of its industry-leading AI platform, PH.AI analyzes large sets of cancer patient data from a variety of settings including observational studies, clinical trials, and real world evidence such as genomic sequencing data, EMR/EHR, and claims, to identify which treatments work for which cancer patients, why, in what context, and at what cost, with the goal of developing tailored treatment regimens for each patient. PHAI is unlocking the promise of precision medicine, one cancer patient at a time.

Position Summary

As a tech PM you will have the unique opportunity to be a driving force in developing our precision medicine platform. You will be responsible for helping the engineering and product leads translate client demands and strategic roadmaps into actionable game plans. You will be responsible for coordinating across teams pushing forward on project execution. You will help keep projects on track, remove roadblocks, and keep the ball rolling. Operationally, this role has a mix of client driven and R&D tracks (and you will likely specialize in one or another), including analytics projects, data deliveries, data infrastructure and integration, and software development (pipelines, applications, and models). Ideally, you come from a technical background (developer, data scientist), but just as important is your attention to detail, organizational skills, and your ability to motivate teams, navigate personalities, and your ability to adapt to fast-paced startup dynamics.

Required Qualifications

  • 2+ years as a project manager and 2+ years in a prior technical role.
  •  Experience (certification a plus) in various PM methodologies: scrum, waterfall, agile, etc.
  • Experience with project management software: JIRA, Asana, etc.
  • Proven success in a similar startup role

Desired Qualifications

  •  Healthcare experience, either in services, data & analytics, or IT.
  •  Experience with machine learning and data science.
  • Experience with software development.







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