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Precision Health AI Launches Eureka Health™ Oncology AI Platform, First of Its Kind “System of Intelligence™” Which Delivers Data-Driven Insights to the Cancer Care Community

New platform includes 60+ pretrained and learning-enhanced modules designed specifically for oncology applications: treatment selection, trial matching, adverse events and outcomes 

New York – March 1st, 2018 — Precision Health AI today announced the launch of its Eureka HealthTM Oncology AI platform that leverages EMR data to provide practical artificial intelligence (AI) applications built for real oncology use cases. The new platform is the first of its kind “System of Intelligence™” for oncology, based on Greylock Partner’s The New Moats business model theory, that bridges mass amounts of EMR data available to answer the questions on the minds of pharmaceutical companies and physicians. The solution, focused on precision medicine applications including enablement of health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) and clinical trials, delivers data-driven insights to the cancer care community to help develop targeted therapies, shape more efficient clinical trials and determine which therapies produce the greatest patient benefits, all while providing oncology experts with a deeper understanding of patient behavior and outcomes.

“Our team of healthcare professionals is using the deep clinical oncology dataset at our disposal to train innovative AI solutions for the management, delivery and use of clinical data that integrates seamlessly into existing workflows,” said Brigham Hyde, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of Precision Health AI. “The Eureka HealthTM Oncology AI platform will transform the clinical and drug development processes to include real-world data and speed of delivery to provide the right therapy to the right patient at the right time.”

Powered by unique clinical oncology data, pretrained and learning-enhanced AI modules incorporate oncology-specific domain knowledge

Precision Health AI’s experts utilize their robust longitudinal oncology dataset to pretrain the Eureka HealthTM Oncology AI platform to address relevant business questions important for pharmaceutical companies, oncologists, contract research organizations (CROs) and payers. More than 60 new AI solution modules will utilize Precision Health AI’s proprietary data, which is among the largest available in oncology, as well as data provided by clients to predict a patient’s cancer stage, patient-treatment match, adverse event occurrence and treatment impact on survival. Eureka HealthTM Oncology AI platform will augment the work of researchers, oncologists and insurers to reduce time spent on laborious, manual tasks and maximize workflow efficiencies throughout the oncology care ecosystem.

Assembling the largest longitudinal clinical oncology dataset

Driving the new Eureka HealthTM Oncology AI platform is Precision Health AI’s deep, longitudinal dataset. Data acquired from a recent agreement with ASCO and CancerLinQ, combined with other data partners in EMR and genomics, provides Precision Health AI access to the largest oncology dataset available in the industry. Precision Health AI bases its product development on data from both academic and community treatment centers, providing a dataset that is both expansive and diverse. This proprietary data provides more granularity to traditional research and predictive comparisons of outcome in use today which will ultimately accelerate data-driven insights for the cancer care community and support faster and better development of new treatments for patients.

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Precision Health AI is developing the leading artificial intelligence (AI) platform for oncology built on the largest longitudinal clinical oncology dataset to enable the practice of precision medicine for better cancer patient care, getting the right treatment to the right patient at the right time. Insights from Precision Health AI will accelerate cancer-related drug development, trials and real-world evidence for the benefit of the cancer care ecosystem of oncologists, pharmaceutical companies, payers and patients. To learn more, visit

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