Eureka Health™, the new AI-driven “System of Intelligence™” platform for Oncology

Precision Health AI has developed the Eureka Health™ Oncology platform to deliver data-driven insights to the cancer care community. The platform will leverage EMR data to provide practical artificial intelligence (AI) applications built for real oncology use cases. It is the first of its kind “System of Intelligence™” for oncology, based on Greylock Partner’s The New Moats business model theory, that bridges mass amounts of EMR data to answer the questions on the minds of pharmaceutical companies and physicians. It will include 60+ pretrained and learning-enhanced modules designed specifically for oncology applications: treatment selection, trial matching, adverse events and outcomes. This platform is designed to provide value for a multitude of life science and oncology stakeholders.

Clinical Oncology EMR Data Set

Driven by our partnership with ASCO CancerLinq, PHAI has assembled a deep clinical oncology dataset driven by EMR data. This data set has both the scale and particularly the clinical depth to answer key clinical questions about oncology patient populations.

Representing thousands of oncologists and millions of patients this dataset can be leveraged for clinical research as well as reference analysis of best practice on quality and outcomes. Combined with the PHAI Oncology AI platform, the data set will drive and inform decision making across oncology stakeholders

EMR Curation Services

For certain use cases, in particular, peer-reviewed clinical studies, the current standards require expert EMR document review and curation of key fields for clinical study. PHAI has a team of over 75 trained nurse oncologist reviewers available to review individual patient cases in a secure environment. This service is offered as an on-demand value-added service offering and can be conducted on the PHAI clinical Oncology dataset as well as the on outside EMR datasets.

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