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Roche-Flatiron: EMR Data is the New “Gold” in the Pharma-Precision Medicine Transition

By Brigham Hyde Ph.D.

A few thoughts on the recent transaction and what it means for a rapidly changing space.

The recent news that Roche Group plans to acquire Flatiron Health, a decision by a pharmaceutical company to make oncology data and physician-facing EMRs a major part of its strategy, will revolutionize the way we deliver cancer care for years to come.

The growing rate of collaboration between different players in the healthcare space provides continually expanding opportunities to reach never-before-seen solutions. This collaboration, as well as the imminent introduction of new players, like Amazon, into the value chain of healthcare, teaches us that technology and digital transformation are leading to a few emerging trends for the larger healthcare / pharmaceutical industry:

  • Value for patient outcomes will translate to business value. Outcomes need to be clinically measured, and that requires EMR data. All stake holders need to determine value around a common set of clinical facts.
  • EMR data is the new “gold” in the pharma space, as Pharma become Precision Medicine Companies. Real-world data is becoming the currency not only of the economic value of therapeutics, but a tool for the pharmaceutical industry to lead in matching patients to cures and place them at the forefront of precision medicine
  • Disruption to the healthcare delivery system is upon us, making it as important as ever to understand end users’ (physicians, patients) behaviors and needs. Whether it is the specter of Amazon, Google, or other tech players entering healthcare, or just consolidation from Aetna-CVS to Walgreens-Amerisource Bergen, The ability to profile patient/physician behavior is at the center of the future for pharmaceutical companies and multiple models will emerge.
  • Drug development in oncology will continue to lead the broader field in using / leveraging real-world data. Drug development in oncology will continue to lead the broader field in using / leveraging real-world data This is why Precision Health AI recently collaborated with ASCO CancerLinQ, along with other data partners in EMR and Genomics, to create the largest oncology dataset available to develop artificial intelligence solutions that will accelerate research and the development / administration of new therapies for oncology

There’s a commitment to advancing oncology treatment and an ability to use real-world data to match patients with the right treatment through clinical trials. The new venture has confirmed the industry’s dedication to supporting the research, clinical and regulatory communities to deliver intelligent patient care. We agree this is a great step in bringing together the FDA, pharma, clinicians and payers around a common set of real world evidence to bring precision medicine to patients.

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